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Leading European car manufacturer Installs 800 MHz cabling infrastructure

A high performance Datwyler cabling system has been installed at the all new manufacturing plant and head office of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited at Goodwood, West Sussex, using Cat.7 cable and Cat.6 shielded connecting hardware. The new infrastructure with 800 MHz of bandwidth guarantees the best performance to support the various manufacturing, voice, data and communications applications.

Datwyler supplies cabling solutions for all of the BMW Group plants and offices in the UK and Germany.

The cabling system at Rolls-Royce, designed and specified by the customer´s own project team, must be capable of supporting all of the corporate applications, both now and for the foreseeable future. This is why a cable with 800 MHz
of bandwidth was specified, as upgrading to full Class F capability will simply require the changing of the connecting hardware, a relatively low cost alternative to replacing the whole cabling infrastructure. Datwyler´s high quality
PiMF (Pairs in Metal Foil) cables not only ensure exceptional electrical performance, with extremely low NEXT, Return Loss, Attenuation and Delay Skew, but also protect data transmissions from EMC, a very important factor in a noise creating manufacturing environment.

“We are happy about Rolls-Royce Motor Cars having every confidence in the materials supplied by us, and we feel sure that Rolls-Royce will soon be looking to exploit the bandwidth that our solution offers”, said the Managing Director of Datwyler in the UK.

The copper structured cabling, with associated multimode and single-mode fibre optic backbones, was installed by Birmingham-based Lee Beesley. It was a difficult installation as it has required working to very tight time schedules and
to be carried out around the other trades as buildings were completed.

“This has been a lengthy installation using the latest technology products“, confirmed Pat Moore, Project Manager for the Goodwood installation of Lee Beesley. “We have been very pleased with the levels of service and support that we have received from Datwyler and the installed performance of the cabling solution, which has been tested and warranted to Class E / 250 MHz Link performance.”

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