How we work
with you

iDACS experienced project team help you transform your business with smart technology

We understand the challenges faced by our clients, which can often change due to unforeseen circumstances! Our experienced team can help you design a workplace that offers you technology to help your business flourish, and the agility and responsiveness to make it happen smoothly.

Owners & Occupiers

Incorporating smart systems into your building will optimise space utilisation and make workspaces healthier, more productive and more energy efficient. By working with you and our technology partners, we’ll help you to create an environment that will be more sustainable, more appealing & more profitable.

Managers & Operators

We’ll help you deploy an effective smart building system, by providing technologies & services to meet your budgetary and operational goals. Our energy efficient solutions will reduce your operating costs, help to manage key facilities functions, and provide real-time system reporting; enabling you to work more effectively & efficiently.


We work with industry leading technology partners to deliver innovative, high performance solutions; designed to satisfy the corporate objectives of your clients. Whether they are looking for energy saving solutions to improve sustainability, management tools to increase efficiencies, or smart systems that improve well-being & productivity, we can help.

Contractors & Installers

Our high performance infrastructure solutions work right first time, allowing you to deliver your project on-time and to budget. Supported by extended manufacturer warranties and the iDACS Network MoT, we can offer you and your clients the security of a system guaranteed to work reliably - now and in the future.

‘The pace of the project was challenging, but with the support of the iDACS teams, we never missed a deadline. ... The project and technical support throughout the project were first class…”.

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