EV Charging for London Apartments

EV Charging for London Apartments

A London based landlord wanted to install an attractive, scalable and compact EV Charging solution in their resident's parking garage. They achieved this using a solution from SED EV Charging, iDACS, Woertz and Easee UK. "The flat cabling solution from iDACS made the EV charger installation much simpler and quicker."


The installation was managed by SED EV Charging with the support of iDACS (UK distributor of Woertz flat cabling systems) and Easee UK. The client, a landlord managing high-end apartments in London, wanted to offer their residents a secure intelligent EV charging system, which also allowed for simple future additions as demand grew. The client wanted a system that wouldn’t need expensive power supply upgrades and one that delivered a stylish look (with optional coloured charger covers). The iDACS project management team worked closely with SED EV to make sure the system was deployed successfully & within project timescales.

An Easee Charge solution, along with the Woertz flat cable, was used to allow for SED EV to install a EV charging system which offered the best value for the client and residents. The Woertz 5G 16mm flat cable, along with 3 plug-and-play branching boxes, which are capable of providing power to 2 Easee Chargers were installed. Three residents wanted an EV charging point, so 3 charging robots were installed with the possibility of adding more in the future, without the need of installing additional cabling infrastructure.

The Woertz flat cable solution was chosen due to it’s ease of install; being able to apply units anywhere along the cable gives you the flexibility to make any future additions easily. The Easee Charge solution was chosen as it utilises the available electrical capacity in the building. When multiple charging robots are connected to the same fuse, the available energy on the circuit is automatically distributed between the units (load balancing). The Woertz flat power cable, along with the Easee charger, creates the most cost effective and quickest way to install an EV charging infrastructure, without the need to upgrade your power supply and still have capacity for future demand.

Sean Dolan, Director of SED EV Charging.

“The flat cabling solution from iDACS made the EV charger installation much simpler and quicker. Because the system is ‘plug-and-play’ charging points could be added to the cabling by tapping off the main run - meaning future add-ons would also be easier, cheaper and less disruptive for the customer. The installation took less time to complete, required less components and will give our clients greater flexibility in the future. It is also very neat and looks great! I will be using the flat cabling again and was very happy with the service from iDACS”

By using load balancing chargers, like those from Easee, and our flat cabling solution from Woertz, you can connect up to 101 commercial chargers (or 3 home / small office chargers) over a single cable run - adding chargers simply and cost effectively as more units are needed.

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iDACS EV Charging system installed using Easee Chargers and Woertz Flat Cabling
iDACS EV Charging system installed using Easee Chargers and Woertz Flat Cabling

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