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iDACS works closely with Technology Partners (Easee, Datwyler IT Infra, Zaptec, Linian, Hypervolt, Woertz and IST Ltd) to provide clients with a high-performance & future proofed smart building infrastructure; designed to be energy efficient, productive an

At IDACS, we ensure that all our partners are the best in their fields, specialising in high-performance, innovative systems. By working with technology experts, we can be assured that our clients will receive the most reliable, flexible and scalable solution to support their current and future business needs.

Datwyler IT Infra are part of the Swiss-based Datwyler group (founded 1915), who have multiple cutting-edge cable manufacturing facilities worldwide, and over 9000 employees. They specialise in high-performance IT infrastructure solutions, as well as Intelligent Lift cabling and Fire Safety cabling. Since 1983, iDACS has been the exclusive source for Datwyler IT Infra systems in the UK & Ireland. Datwyler is a responsible manufacturer with a strong focus on sustainable process and management.

​Zaptec are innovators in the field of Electric Vehicle Charging and the market leaders in Norway. Their load balancing smart EV chargers manage all cars on charge to ensure each receives a share of available power. Their sleek, compact design and Norwegian robustness, to cope with the harshest of weather conditions, makes them an attractive and practical choice for businesses and homeowners. The quality of the Zaptec chargers is backed up by a 5 year product warranty.

​Linian provide a range of cable clips and fasteners designed to make the installers job quicker and easier. Their unique designs are 70% quicker to install than traditional methods, they meet recommendations for Fire Rated Cable Fixings in Escape Routes BS7671 Amendment 3 and are cost effective as they save on labour.

Established as a family business in 1928, Swiss cabling manufacturers, Woertz, specialise in flat electrical cable systems. They make it possible to create connections and branches directly and efficiently at any point without cable breaks, allowing simple additions and lower installation costs.

Easee are a Norwegian developer & manufacturer of Load Balancing Commercial and Home EV charging units. Their smart charging ‘robots’ for electric vehicles, maximise the available electrical capacity in your building, as energy to a single circuit can be shared across multiple units. Their plug-and-play system provides an affordable EV charging solution with plenty of scope and capacity for expansion as demand grows.

Compleo EV Chargers provide a robust solutions for commercial and residential applications, along with the software to control, manage and monetise your EV charging network.

WEiSS, a German manufacturer of raised floor systems, offer innovative solutions for Data Centre cooling and office ventilation. By incorporating these designs in-floor, clients can optimise space utilisation (in racks and DC’s) and improve air quality.

Hypervolt design and manufacture Electric Vehicle Chargers in the UK. Their innovative units are smart, economical, and simple to install & operate. Automatic updates ensure they are future-proofed and compatible with all vehicle models. The Hypervolt home charger can be set up easily using a subscription-free App and can even be linked to your smart speaker device.

Integrated System Technologies (IST) is a professional technology company that specialises in developing innovative smart lighting & building management solutions. The IST solution offers significant OPEX savings and the flicker free lighting technology creates a healthier environment to work. Together with the iMune control system, clients are able to add a range of sensors such as motion, occupancy and air quality.

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