EV Chargers for IHG Hotels & Resorts group

EV Chargers for IHG Hotels & Resorts group

We recently installed 4 Easee EV charge points at the Holiday Inn Express in Birmingham (South). All the chargers are connected with the Monta payment platform, for easy guest billing.

The Holiday Inn Express were originally looking to install one dual outlet EV charger in their guest car park.

However, after speaking to our Sales Manager, Craig, they decided to go for two single outlet Easee smart chargers instead. Easee chargers offer load balancing - a feature that ensures all available power is allocated across all vehicles on charge - and that all guests receive charge for their vehicle overnight.

We initially proposed to install 2 Easee chargers on a 32A 3 phase supply – giving 22kW of total power. Load balancing would provide 11Kw to each charger if both were in use, or the entire 22kW if only one was charging (all depending on the cars charging capacity).

This meant that if they wanted to install 4 chargers on the same supply instead of 2, there would still be 5.5kW available to each charger if all 4 were to be in use at the same time. This could be done without the need to have more capacity added to the distribution board - keeping the installation costs down and future-proofing the charging system as demand grew.

We also suggested that they connected the chargers to an automated payment platform, Monta, to make billing their guest for the service simple and hassle-free. Craig demonstrated the revenue that could be achieved by subscribing to the Monta software and advised that we would help to set up the system for the Holiday Inn, and offer support as required.

During the site survey, we noted that although Easee chargers are fitted with a free 4G SIM, the position of the chargers (in an underground car park) may make the signal unreliable, and recommended the installation of a wireless access point.. This would be the case with any charge point being installed.

IHG decided to go with our proposal and the installation of 4 Easee smart chargers, equipped with a connection to Monta via the new WAP was carried out in early June.

The client was very happy with the look and functionality of the system, which will not only attract business guests and EV tourists, but which will also provide an on-going new revenue stream for the IHG Group.

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