£25k of funding for apartment EV Charging Bays

£25k of funding for apartment EV Charging Bays

51 Marlborough Hill is a residential apartment building in London. The client wanted to provide EV charging facilities, to make sure the building remained attractive to its residents, and to potentially add an additional revenue stream.

They wanted to install 17 active EV chargers initially and the infrastructure to 23 more bays, so additional chargers could be fitted easily as demand grew.

iDACS discussed the options and it was decided to use a mix of Easee chargers (for 17 bays) and Easee Ready base units for the remaining 23. Easse Ready units were installed as part of the infrastructure because the pre-wired bases can be upgraded easily when more chargers are required (plug and play system).

The chargers were installed and commissioned using the free Easee cloud, allowing the management team to control access and keep track of power consumption (and invoice individual users accordingly). They also have the option to add automated billing software, supplied by iDACS, if required in the future.

iDACS processed the OZEV grant application for the client; which comprised of 40 bays @£500 (for the infrastructure grant), plus 17 chargers @ £350 each.

This equated to £25,950 of OZEV funding, which covered the majority of the installation cost.

While grants are still available, the client (or residents themselves) may be eligible for a further £350 / additional charger, to upgrade the Easee Ready bases, This upgrade can be carried out quickly by contacting iDACS, who will support the user with fitting, grant applications and adding the EV charger to the management system.

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