Working Smarter

Working Smarter

Smart or intelligent building systems have been around for a while, but the integration of these systems over a common platform is key to optimising workplace efficiencies, improving productivity and increasing profits.

The more services that are managed and automated, using sensors, energy efficient systems and data collection, the greater the improvements that can be made.

Smart technologies help you to understand how your business and employees operate and where to make adjustments to optimise performance.

iDACS can help, by working with cross-functional teams and technology partners to deliver these smart building benefits;

    • Integrated building management systems
    • Lower operating costs
    • Healthier people-centric environments
    • Energy efficiency & Sustainability
    • Optimised space utilisation


    We’ll discuss your current facilities and building management services and the scope of your digital transformation project; including which systems and processes you want to improve and what outcomes you would like to achieve. We’ll look at the suitability / specification of the existing IT infrastructure and any regulatory, standards or corporate requirements we need to incorporate in our plan. Based on these discussions, we’ll put forward a proposal and supply you with cost modelling tools, industry impact reports and specification guides to help you make the case for rolling out a smart, managed building system.


    By working with us, you have access to not only our own technology and project teams, but also the expertise of our partners. Working together we will help you plan and manage your project; offering logistics support, technical expertise, and training. We will also help you set up management preferences (e.g. customized dashboards, etc.) and offer advice on how / where to utilise sensors; to make the roll-out and implementation easier. We work with you throughout every stage of the project; making the process run smoothly and to schedule.


    Our bespoke systems will not only enable you to transform your business today but will also provide capacity for future additions; allowing you to increase the scope of managed services operated over the network. The reporting functions will also give you the data required to stream-line operations and make the use of best-practises across your facilities.


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