EV Charging

for The Home

iDACS Install Home EV Chargers across the UK

Not sure which EV charger you need? iDACS can help! With a range of home chargers to choose from, you'll find one perfect for your property. We'll arrange a free phone consultation with you to talk through your options and help to find a solution to best suit your needs and lower your energy bills.

Our team can carry out a virtual survey (we will request site photos at this stage) and provide a complete cost to install an OZEV approved charge point.

If accepted, we’ll book your installation date and carry out the agreed works. We’ll also help you set up your charger & provide after sales service e.g. if you need advise or help with the App.

Our range of smart chargers are safe, economical and future-proofed;

  • They provide load balancing, which prevents overloading of your home’s power supply
  • Units can be managed via a subscription-free App.
  • They update automatically via WiFi, meaning they will always be current and offer the latest features
  • You can schedule charging when electricity tariffs are lower and monitor usage & energy costs
  • Our chargers work with any plug-in car.

Whether you own a house, or live in a flat, we can offer a solution. You may also be eligible for a Gov’t grant.

And we have a range of chargers to choose from.

Easee One Charger

  • This compact EV charging unit is one of the smallest on the market
  • Up to 3 Easee One chargers can be mounted on the same circuit.
  • Easee RFID keys are the quick and convenient way to control access to the charger. Assign keys to your family or friends (using the free APP).
  • Available in 5 optional designer colours. Choose a cover to match your car, front door or even team colours
  • Charging leads can be supplied separately with Type 1 or 2 connectors (find out which one you need from your vehicle dealer).
  • Charging cables, cable hooks and mounting posts are also available in the range.
Easee One Charger

Hypervolt 2.0 Charger

  • This economical, low profile EV charger by Hypervolt is ideal for home charging. It has all the smart features you’d expect, and comes supplied with a charging lead.
  • It looks great, but at only 10cm deep, it can be fitted discretely down the side of your house if you prefer.
  • It’s quick to install & set-up, and can be controlled and locked / unlocked via your free App or smart speaker
Hypervolt 2.0 Charger

Zaptec Go Charger

  • This compact smart charger is available in six designer colours, including Asphalt Black, Cloud White, Rock Grey, Midnight Blue, Moss Green and Wood Brown.
  • It can offer up to 22kWatts of power, adapting its maximum charge to suit your car’s capacity.
  • As you transfer your family over to electric vehicles, you can add additional chargers, as the Zaptech Go can be daisy-chained to allow 3 units on the same circuit.
  • This let’s everyone charge on the lower energy tariff over-night.
  • This charger is easy to control using RFID cards and the free APP.
Zaptec Go Charger

Arrange a free consultation

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Arrange a free consultation

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