Allianz Arena Relies on IT Infrastructure

Allianz Arena Relies on IT Infrastructure

When the soccer world championships ‘kicked off’ on June 9, 2006 in the Allianz Arena, Munich, cables and components from Datwyler played a major part. High-performance products from Datwyler provide a substantial part of the Allianz Arena’s passive network cabling infrastructure.

A powerful combination of copper and fibre optic cables and their corresponding components provide the telephone, data and video backbone to this extravagant soccer temple. Generously designed media facilities enable journalists to dispatch data and pictures all over the world. Cables and components from Datwyler also play a vital role in the fire protection concept of the Allianz Arena. Datwyler’s safety cabling systems comprise an integrated system of cables, components and installation methodology which has been proven to provide extended functional integrity. In all, 4,000 kilometres of Datwyler cable have been installed in the Allianz Arena for data and energy distribution.

Modular comprehensive system

The basis of the network in the Allianz Arena is the Datwyler system Compact Solution. This comprises a high-performance communications cabling with the Category 7 cable Uninet 7002, shielded CS patch panels with 24 ports, and patch cables and outlets in various versions. The high bandwidth reserves of the cables ensure a fault-free transmission of all services and guarantee compliance with all existing standards. The network of the soccer stadium is optimised by fibre optic cables (single-mode and multimode) and connecting components from Datwyler.

Safety cables for fire protection

To energise the fire protection installations, the Pyrosys solutions were chosen in the Allianz Arena. These comprise complete, mutually adapted safety cables as well as laying, fixing and connecting components which had been tested together for their functional integrity. The safety cabling systems from Datwyler guarantee in the case of fire a functional integrity of at least 30 minutes in the areas of alerting and evacuation. Regarding the fire extinguishing installations such as sprinklers and smoke removers, the functional integrity amounts to 90 minutes.

Datwyler Pyrofil safety cables are also used for the signal and control transmission of the loudspeaker installations in the soccer stadium.

The Allianz Arena has received the German “Fire Protection Award 2003” for their exemplary fire protection concept with, among others, 4,600 fire alerts and approximately 800 kilometres of fibre optic cable.

Highest network access requirements

The companies involved focused on high quality and on bandwidth reserves, which also can satisfy future needs and applications. An important requirement was the 99.999 % network access in the stadium (six minutes of interruption at the maximum per year).

The Datwyler Compact Solution is characterised by its highest manufacturing quality, extraordinary installation stability and long-term reliability.

Datwyler safety cables and components are used everywhere where large crowds of people necessitate special safety measures such as in high-rises, administrative buildings, hospitals and airports. They fulfil the most severe European directives in special areas such as road and railway tunnels. As a competent contact partner, Datwyler is a one-stop source of complete cabling infrastructures. Additional consulting and logistic services form a customer-specific comprehensive package.

Real “Soccer Temple”

The Allianz Arena in Munich cost 340 million Euro and offers seating for 66,000 spectators. Of the total usable area of 170,000 square metres, the new building hosts in addition to the stadium two restaurants for the soccer fans with 1,500 seats each, a family restaurant, 28 kiosks, adventure parks, shops for soccer fans, offices, conference rooms and generously designed media facilities.

iDACS is the UK and Ireland’s exclusive source for Datwyler IT Infra’s high-performance IT cabling systems and fire safety cabling.

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