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Imagine being able to support the wellbeing of your staff, save money on power, help save the planet and ultimately work more efficiently and profitably - without the need for major investment or disruption to your business. Introducing Sartorian - the Smart Building Sensor Solution from IDACS.

Sartorian, from iDACS, offers businesses an economical path to workplace optimisation.

It’s tailored to your needs, so you can scale as required and choose from a range of sensors, which offer multi-functional monitoring for a lower cost than competing systems (no on-going license fees).

Sartorian is a suite of WiFi enabled sensors & control gateways that can be easily retro-fitted into your facility, either as a stand-alone solution or integrated with any existing building management systems.

Adding Sartorian to your premises will;

  • help to keep your staff safe and promote their wellbeing
  • optimise space utilisation, with the potential for down-sizing or restructuring
  • automate utilities, thereby lowering your carbon footprint & energy bills
  • Improve operational efficiencies & increase profitability


iDACS work with you to deliver a smart sensor solution that’s tailored to your business requirements. By discussing your objectives and reviewing your existing site & building management systems (or new build plans), we’ll create a roadmap for your workplace transformation that fits around your needs and budget.


We’ll bring together all the elements required to deliver your solution smoothly; offering advice, any required installation services (from our certified installers) and technical support throughout every stage of the project - at no extra cost.


We’ll transform your business into a more efficient, more productive and more profitable enterprise - capable of evolving and adapting to whatever the future holds.

Sartorian Smart Sewnsor Solutions from iDACS
Sartorian Smart Sewnsor Solutions from iDACS


The greatest asset to your business is your staff. Accommodating their need for flexible working and ensuring their health and safety in the workplace are paramount considerations.

By putting Sartorian’s people-centric wellbeing and occupancy systems in place, not only will you improve employee wellness, but also increase their engagement & productivity.



Working models are changing, and so are the expectations of your workspaces.

To lure staff and visitors back to offices, and to nurture collaboration & innovation, they need to evolve to become more inspiring, more comfortable & more service orientated.

Sartorian does exactly this, and what’s more, can help you to manage this remotely if you have satellite offices or cannot travel to the workplace.



Sustainability & corporate responsibility are key factors for business metrics and Government compliance.

With Sartorian, you can reduce energy consumption & greenhouse gas emissions to help you achieve your green goals; improving your company’s credibility as a responsible business.


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​Book a call with our team to discuss your priorities e.g. staff safety & well-being, lower operating costs, lower energy use & CO2 emissions, space optimisation, etc

We’ll develop a roll-out plan; including recommendations for which sensors are best for each zone / application, how the solution will integrate with your BMS & smart systems, and a cost model for your project.

We’ll also advise you of any complementary solutions e.g. smart lighting systems, that would help you to realise even more operational benefits & savings.

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The pace of the project was challenging but with the support of the iDACS team, we never missed a deadline.

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