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Datwyler IT Infra Structured Cabling Solutions from iDACS

The IT infrastructure in your building is the platform that all your converged network & IoT smart technology sits on. The phrase ‘weakest link’ is used a lot, but in the case of your intelligent building infrastructure it’s true. If the performance of your IT infrastructure is marginal, then your data analytics and communications may experience lag, or worse still downtime, effecting the overall efficiency and profitability of your business.

The lifecycle of your cabling infrastructure is longer than many products in your network, typically 20 years+, so a smart investment now, will carry you forward for decades to come.

By specifying a high-performance infrastructure solution, you will:

  • Avoid lag of data analytics due to insufficient bandwidth
  • Ensure reliable connectivity to IoT sensors, devices & WiFi
  • Reduce troubleshooting & maintenance costs
  • Keep communications open for blended workplaces
  • Optimise the benefits of your other smart technologies
  • Avoid unnecessary upgrade costs for new applications

    Datwyler IT-Infra IT & IoT Infrastructure

    iDACS has been the exclusive UK&I source for Datwyler IT Infra’s Swiss-engineered cabling & edge computing systems since 1983. They manufacture superior performance products, that help to keep your communications and building automation systems running smoothly.

    If you would like to find out how our IT Infrastructure solutions can help your business flourish, please get in touch. We can discuss your upcoming project and arrange a free consultation or site survey.

    IT Networks – Copper

    Datwyler’s copper cabling solutions set standards for quality, reliability and performance. They provide headroom for new applications, enabling you to exploit the full potential of your converged network.

    The comprehensive product range extends from single cables and components to complete end-to-end systems.

    IT Networks – Copper

    IT Networks – Fibre

    Datwyler has a comprehensive offering of fibre optic cables, components and harnessing services for high-density, high-speed data networks, broadband & data centre solutions.

    Datwyler cabling solutions are covered by a 25-year warranty and are suitable for all sizes and types of Local Area Networks (LANs), comms rooms and data centres.

    IT Networks – Fibre

    Micro & Mini Data Centres

    The amount of data produced by smart facilities, AI, AR and automation will continue to grow exponentially. These data volumes must be processed close to source (Edge Computing) due to, among other factors, efficiency and latency times. Mini and micro data centres enable you to do this.

    Datwyler’s Mini and Micro Data Centres feature a state-of-the-art preassembled ‘plug-and-play’ IT infrastructure solution. The infrastructure can be configured according to customer needs and redundancy requirements for future technology migration.

    Micro & Mini Data Centres

    25-Year System Warranty

    iDaC Solutions provides local UK support for the Datwyler 25 year system warranty; including on-site visits, installer certification training, technical assistance, warranty sign-off and exclusive Network MoTs.

    Contact us to find out more, or to request details of our certified installer training programme.

    25-Year System Warranty

    Of all the systems we tested Datwyler’s solution performance was way above any of the competition - they were out on their own

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