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iDACS EV Charging Solutions for Hampshire  Nationwide

As concerns grow over vehicle emissions and rising fuel prices, the sale of Electric Vehicles is increasing exponentially, and EV charging systems are fast becoming an essential utility for businesses and homeowners alike.

If you’re thinking of installing electric vehicle chargers at your premises, but don’t know where to start, iDACS can help!

It’s as easy as 1.2.3


We’ll discuss your project and what you need from your EV charging system

  • The type of electric vehicle(s) you have and how long they’ll be on charge
  • The number of chargers you require and where you’d ideally like them mounted.
  • We’ll discuss the different systems we offer and the management & billing features available.
  • If you haven’t already applied for a grant (where eligible), we’ll offer advise on the application process.


We’ll recommend a charging system and provide a budgetary quotation

  • At this stage, we may request photos of your site to have a better idea of what’s required for the installation.
  • Depending on the project, we may also need to carry out a free site survey.
  • If you are happy with our quotation we can book your installation date.


Once your installation has been booked, our fully qualified OZEV approved installers, will attend site

  • We’ll carry out the agreed works and process your grant voucher (where applicable).
  • Help you set up your charger(s) and provide information on how to manage settings e.g. how to control user access, assigning RFID cards, scheduling charging times, billing, etc.
  • Provide after sales support if you have any questions regarding your system, or if you would like to add more chargers.

Contact us to find out more or

book your free consultation or site survey with our EV team.

EV Charging For Landlords & Developers

Our load balancing EV Charging systems offer flexibility for apartment managers, property developers and tenants alike - as they can be scaled easily when demand increases or budgets allow. And with new EV Charging grants available for landlords, there's never been a better time to invest in an ‘EV Ready’ system for your properties.

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EV Charging for The Home

Not sure which EV charger you need? iDACS can help! With a range of home chargers to choose from, you'll find one perfect for your property. We'll arrange a free phone consultation with you to talk through your options and help to find a solution to best suit your needs and lower your energy bills.

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EV Charging for the Workplace

Whether you are looking for one charger, or multiple load sharing units in a car park, we can advise on the ​best solutions for your requirements. Installing EV chargers at your premises will provide a valuable service to your staff, lower fuel & maintenance costs for your fleet vehicles and improve your company’s sustainability credentials.

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EV Charging for Hospitality

EV tourism is booming - with many online booking sites already listing ‘Electric Vehicle Charging’ as a search criteria. By offering this essential service, you will stand out from the crowd, put your business on the map, increase occupancy levels, and add a new revenue opportunity for your business.

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​Book a call with our EV charging team to discuss your project or to arrange a free site survey by our nationwide team of installers.

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iDAC Solutions made the process painless by providing a prompt survey, competitive quote, and professional installation. The overall communication and service was great, and I would highly recommend iDACS to anyone looking at installing EV charging at their business.

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