Ellenborough Park Hotel Updates EV Charging System

Ellenborough Park Hotel Updates EV Charging System

The ​Ellenborough Park Hotel, in Cheltenham, already had a couple of Tesla chargers fitted when they approached us. They were looking for a less proprietary solution, that would offer them more flexibility and an expansion path if they needed to add more chargers in the future.

Ellenborough Park is a magnificent 15th Century estate and spa, offering luxury stays for discerning guests. Electric Vehicle charging has been available at the hotel for a number of years, but the General Manager was looking to upgrade and extend the system to provide this essential service to more visitors and guests.

Our Sales Manager, along with our lead engineer, visited the site to discuss the GM’s plans and determine the best option for the hotel.

Easee load balancing EV chargers were proposed, as they spread available power across all vehicles charging on the circuit.

The hotel decided that 6 chargers would be required initially, with the option to add more as demand grows.

It was decided that the hotel would arrange for the ground-works to be done and the erection of wooden sleepers to mount the chargers on; while iDACS would carry out the cabling and installation of the chargers and also assist with the set-up and commissioning of the units.

Wooden sleepers were chosen, to complement the surroundings and character of the 15th Century building. See pictures below.

iDACS provided advise on charging capacities for vehicles spread across the system (based on multiple cars being on-charge simultaneously) and also provided details of GOvt grants and software management options.

We also suggested the use of Monta’s payment platform, which would offer the hotel a simple, automated way to bill users for charging their vehicles.

The chargers were connected to the Monta system, with the help of our team, and we also offered input on charging tariffs and penalty charges for guests leaving their cars in charging bays when their vehicles were already fully charged.

The system will provide an on-going new revenue stream for the hotel, with little or no intervention required from staff.

The Monta system can be opened up to other charging location maps, meaning It will also allow the hotel to attract more business events (fleets are the largest adopters of EV’s) and lucrative EV tourists.

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