warranty cabling guarantee download document network MoT
warranty cabling guarantee download document network MoT

Datwyler cabling solutions consistently perform beyond the standards, guaranteeing excess headroom for future application support and making the Datwyler 25 System warranty, with optional iDaCs Network MoT service, a real asset to your organisation.

“Of all the systems we tested Datwyler’s solution performance was way above any of the competition - they were out on their own”

iDaC Solutions provides local UK support for the Datwyler 25 year system warranty; including on-site visits, installer certification training, technical assistance, warranty sign-off and exclusive Network MoTs.

To find out more about the systems covered, the Datwyler Installation Partner Program or iDaCs’ free Network MoT service please refer to our Warranty Downloads.
You can also download the Site Registration Agreement if you are already a Certified Installer and have a completed installation that you would like to register with us.
*Datwyler’s new warranty registration process - with a combined Copper and Fibre Optic agreement - makes the process quicker and simpler than before. *

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of becoming a Datwyler Certified Installer;  would like to discuss our new Certified Installer training; or have any other questions please contact our Technical Sales Team.