Our high-performance data cabling systems, from Datwyler, support IoT devices within a Smart Building environment using PoE technology. However, our Smart Building solutions don’t stop there. Sartorian smart sensor systems from iDACS

Our new smart building solution, Sartorian from iDACS, is a suite of WiFi enabled sensors & control gateways that can be easily retro-fitted into your facility, either as a stand-alone solution or integrated with any existing building management systems. Adding Sartorian to your premises will help to keep your staff safe, promote their wellbeing, optimise space utilisation, lower your carbon footprint & energy bills, improve operational efficiencies & increase profitability.

As the UK&I representatives of Datwyler cabling solutions, we are also a certified partner of IST - specialists in innovative smart lighting. As such, we are now be able to supply, install and commission the full range of IST’s ultra-low energy LED luminaires, iDrive® centralised drivers, iSpayce® workspace management and secure iMune® PoE IP-based control.

Imagine being able to support the wellbeing of your staff, save money, help save the planet, and ultimately work more efficiently and profitably - without the need for major investment or disruption to your business. Introducing Sartorian - the Smart Sensor Solution from IDACS. Find out more

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Smart Building Designer Lighting PaE LED iDrive IST

Smart Lighting is an essential tool for businesses looking to improve staff well-being, increase productivity and reduce energy consumption. We can work with you to design a system to suit your needs and offer scalability for future growth (and profitability).

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