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Should I charge my Electric Vehicle Every Night?

Date: 13th January 2022
Author: Liz Farrimond

The short answer is NO.

Firstly, most car owners have experience with petrol or diesel vehicles and wouldn’t expect to drive around in one of those constantly with a completely full tank.Unless you’re planning a long journey, there’s no need to keep your charge fully topped up.

Secondly, constantly repeating the cycle of charging and discharging your EV degrades the battery and reduces its life expectancy.

It’s also recommended that you don’t regularly use fast-charging stations, as the process can generate heat in the battery and affect its long-term performance and lifespan.

In general, to maintain a healthy battery and extend its lifespan, the state of charge (SoC) for the battery in your electric car should be maintained between around 30% to 80% capacity. (May vary depending on your vehicle and its management system).

* the level of charge of an electric battery relative to its capacity

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