EV Charging - Landlord FAQ’s answered

EV Charging - Landlord FAQ’s answered

Date: 30th August 2023
Author: Liz Farrimond

As a landlord or property manager, you either already provide Electric Vehicle charging for your tenants, or are considering it. And there's never been a time to install or extend your EV charging system - as grants are currently still available. However, you may have some questions regarding the operation, monetisation, ownership and potential pitfalls of managing the hardware and service. This article looks at some common FAQ's and possible solutions - to make installation / expansion easy and managing the system stress-free.

Landlord FAQs regarding EV Charging

(Taken from online chats with residential landlords).

  • If the resident pays for the chargepoint, do they have a claim to it when they leave?
  • How do I prevent having lots of different chargers, drawing unknown amounts of electricity and potentially overloading the power supply
  • How should I include EV charging in lease agreements i.e. install costs , rules, restrictions, ownership requirements etc.?
  • Should I increase the rent & service charges for homes with access to EV charging bays, or charge on a pay-as-you-charge basis (or both)?
  • How do I install EV chargers at a low cost as more tenants need them?
  • How do I avoid problems with lost / stolen charging cables?
  • Why can’t they just plug into a normal wall socket with an adapter lead?
  • How can I keep track, and bill for electricity use without a lot of hassle? For example, if there are multiple residents sharing a charger in a shared home?
  • How can you stop other visitors / tenants using a residents charger and racking up the electricity bill?

Landlord FAQs - possible solutions

To avoid and address these issues, landlords should take ownership of the EV charging points and infrastructure; utilising a flexible, smart charging system, which will allow them to add chargers as required, and manage & control individual user access and billing.

Not only will you have more control, but will be able to put an ‘EV charger ready’ infrastructure in place, at a significantly reduced cost by taking advantage of the GOVT grants currently available.

AND you’ll be able to take advantage of hassle-free, subscription free, automated payment software to easily generate additional income.

If, as the landlord, you own the chargepoint - if a resident leaves, then their parking bay with charger can be allocated to another resident with an EV. So you dont have any hassle with transfer of ownership or damage cause by disconnection or decommissioning.

Having your own single system in place means you can be sure that the chargers are compatible with any vehicle. Plus, if they’re ‘load balancing’ - the available power will be shared across any vehicles on charge, and prevent your system from overloading the supply. And reduce problems with residents not being able to charge their vehicles.

You can make standard additions to lease agreements / leaseholds for any resident with an EV charger, rather than having to do ad-hoc ones as and when clients add chargers (including installation costs , rules, service charger, charging tariffs, restrictions, ownership requirements etc.)

By installing your own chargers, you’ll be able to track individual user consumption, with individually assigned key fobs (which give access to charging - and that you can monitor usage), or you can have automatic payment software loaded onto the units. These hassle-free packages require no intervention from your team, and channel charging income straight into your company’s bank account.

Using the Easee Charge and Easy Ready system as part of your infrastructure is an economical way to use the GOVT EV chargepoint & Infrastructure grants to your best advantage.

As below.

Each bay with charger = £850 grant*
(£350 charger + £500 infrastructure grant)

Each bay with Easee Ready = £500 grant*
(infrastructure only)

Active chargers can be clipped into the pre-wired bases at a later date - and may be eligible for the £350 chargepoint grant (if still available).


To discuss any of the points raised, or to book a free EV charger installation survey, please book a call with our EV team.

You can also download a copy of our complete guide ‘EV Charging Guide for Landlords - FAQs, Tips and Grants’


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