How to save up to 50% on an EV charging system.

How to save up to 50% on an EV charging system.

Date: 3rd October 2021
Author: Liz Farrimond

With the UK Government's ban on new petrol and diesel car sales from 2030, and incentives in place to promote Electric Vehicle uptake - investing in an EV charging system is becoming a necessity for companies and individuals alike. iDACS 'load balancing' EV charging systems can spread available power between all cars on charge, allow multiple chargers on a single cable run and are quick and simple to add chargers to as demand grows.

The iDACS charging system features load balancing - using Easee or Zaptec smart chargers and Woertz Modular Flat Cabling (available exclusively from Datwyler in the UK).

The modular system allows you to add chargers and junction boxes anywhere long the cable run- meaning you don’t have to upgrade your electrical system in order to increase your charging capacity.

With more employees buying EV’s and more companies switching to commercial EV’s, now is the time to invest. By using these systems you can install a few charging units initially, then simply add more units in the future - all using your existing infrastructure.

This will save significant time (lower labour costs) and require less materials (potentially removing the need to upgrade your whole power supply)

Other EV charging systems, that don’t offer the load balancing feature, may require costly electrical system upgrades and future installation disruption in order to deliver the same number of charging units - making them a more expensive and less flexible option.

Zaptec and Easee chargers offer monitoring and access control features, making the iDACS EV charging solution a secure resource for landlords and employers; and the capability to schedule charging times on lower tariffs makes them an even more cost-efficient option.

So, start preparing for a greener, more sustainable future - contact iDACS to find out more or to discuss your upcoming project.

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