Government Grants for EV Charging Have Changed

Government Grants for EV Charging Have Changed

Date: 17th March 2022
Author: Liz Farrimond

The Government's Workplace and EV Home Charge grant Schemes changed on 1st April 2022. With winners and losers, how will the changes effect you?

​The UK Government’s focus on improving the EV charging network has shifted away from most homeowners and has been extended to encourage renters, landlords and hospitality providers to promote EV transportation and tourism.

Unfortunately, the Home Charge grant (worth £350) is no longer available to home owners in single unit properties (e.g. bungalows and houses). However this does mean that an OZEV approved installer isn’t necessarily required to fit it, although its still recommended to use a qualified installer (like iDACS) in order to obtain help with set-up and smart charger management features.

Residents in rental accommodation and flats are eligible for a grant of £350, as long as they have their own designated parking and an eligible Electric Vehicle.

The big winners are apartment block owners, who could claim up to £30k in grants per site. They are now eligible for up to £500 for each parking space with infrastructure installed for the future addition of chargers, and £850 for every parking space installed with an operational charge point. At least five spaces per block must be dedicated charging bays with one or more accessible charge points. Landlords will also now benefit from substantial new grants.

Small accommodation providers, such as hotels, B&Bs, holiday rentals etc. will also benefit from the new extended Workplace Charging Scheme, which now allows them to apply for guest charging point grants, as well as those for staff vehicle charging, for up to £350 per charger. This also applies to charities.

Businesses and fleets will still be able to install charge points for their staff using the existing Workplace Charging Scheme. Up to £350 is available per socket towards the cost of a charge point, with a maximum of 40 grants available per organisation.

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*Customers in Scotland may be eligible for alterative grants & loans through the Energy Saving Trust

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