The evolution of the workplace – or the rise of the healthy building!

The evolution of the workplace – or the rise of the healthy building!

Date: 27th September 2021
Author: Liz Farrimond

When I started working at the end of the 80’s, well-being was not at the top of a company’s agenda. I was lucky that I worked in a new office with big windows and the latest computer tech (not Windows!).

Employees had their own phone, a group secretary to do typing (yes, really) and their own high-sided cubicles. However, I also had a boss who smoked cigars at his desk – just on the other side of my cubicle wall!

After a few years, passive smoking in the office was considered a bad thing, so smokers were asked to move to the lobby on each floor (where the toilets, vending machines, lifts & stairs were).

Finally, they were moved outside to a caged enclosure by the canteen doors.

The first step towards improved air quality in the workplace!

Of course, we were still all driving company cars that used fully leaded petrol and most businesses didn’t have sustainability goals – but it was a start!

As we move forward – to a new era living with covid - air quality, people centric-services and general staff well-being (physical & mental) are rightly now at the top of the business agenda. With companies realising the ethical and practical benefits of ensuring their facilities are safe, efficient, and engaging as we start returning to the office.

Smart tech is helping with this evolution, giving employers the tools to monitor and manage environmental conditions, air quality, lighting, social distancing, etc which are all contributors to getting the best out of their employees.

By putting simple, retro-fit smart solutions in place, not only is it easy to improve employee satisfaction and productivity, but will also benefit the planet and profitability through CO2 reduction and energy savings.

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iDACS is your technology partner for smart building transformation. We’ll help you create a healthier workplace which is more energy efficient, more productive, and more profitable.

Liz Farrimond

Strategic Support Manager, iDACS

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