High Density Fibre Distribution Datwyler cabling
High Density Fibre Distribution Datwyler cabling

Datwyler manufactures a comprehensive offering of fibre-optic technologies and solutions for the entire range of applications in long distance (WAN), metropolitan (MAN), FTTx outdoor and in-house as well as structured premises cabling (LAN) and high-density, high-speed data centre solutions. All Datwyler fibre optic cables are manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure high performance and ease of installation.

iDaC Solutions are proud to be the UK & Ireland exclusive source of Datwyler, high performance Structured Cabling (Fibre) solutions

Datwyler's fibre optic cables are made with bend optimized fibre, offering enhanced micro and macrobending properties. Using these cables - installation is easier and errors due to bend radius problems (dB losses) are less likely. They also provide outstanding optical properties; and fire performance characteristics (indoor options are available for CPR Euroclasses upto B2ca)

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Connectors & Adapters

Select from our range of single and multimode Fibre Optic adapters (including ST, SC, SCD, APC, LCD, LCQ, FC/PC and LSH options) and connectors. For mounting plates, please refer to the Panels & Enclosures section.

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Patch Leads & Pigtails

We supply a wide range of pigtails and patch leads - standard lengths are shown on our data sheets. We also manufacture 'specials', where a customer has a non-standard requirement. If you would like more information, please call us or 'Request A Quote'.

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Patch Panels & Enclosures

We have a variety of fibre patch panels and distribution boxes, for standard and high density applications. We also supply fibre management accessories - please refer to our Cabinets & Enclosures product section for more details.

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Trunk Assemblies

Our bespoke fibre optic harness assemblies offer customers flexibility and ease of installation. Contact us with your requirement, or 'Request a Quote'.

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Blown Fibre

As well as our 'Easy Blow' fibre optic cables (which are listed in the 'Fibre Cables section') we also offer Blown Fibre tubing, connections and accessories. If you would like to find out more, please call us or 'Request a Quote'.

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Lift Cables

Datwyler's modular lift suspension cables can be supplied with fibre optic elements - to ensure reliable transfer of data and video from the control room to the lift cabin. These combination cables are available in many options, to suit your requirement. Please call us to discuss or 'Request a Quote'.

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