lift cables and suspension devices from Datwyler
lift cables and suspension devices from Datwyler

As buildings are getting higher, the physical demands on the lift cabling are also increasing. Datwyler lift cables are designed to withstand great mechanical stress, and are trusted in some of the World’s highest and fastest elevators. With a range of cables, harness assemblies, accessories, suspension devices and tooling, we provide lift manufacturers with a convenient end-to-end cabling solution.

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Flat Travelling Cables

Datwyler's unique flat elevator cables are just as versatile and efficient in elevator shafts up to 80 m in height as in those up to 150 m or 400 m in height. In addition, all cable types can be installed very easily and quickly with the appropriate suspension devices, fixing materials and accessories. The unique cable design, the careful choice of high-grade materials and the latest production systems and quality controls guarantee a long and trouble-free service life

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Pre-assembled Harnesses

Datwyler provide lift manufacturers the convenience of pre-assembled harnesses - 100% tested and ready for quick installation. We can produce a system solution for most applications; shaft wiring / cable, machine room / drive cables, shaft lighting systems and travelling cables - at very competitive prices. To find out more about our harnessing services or to request a quote, please follow the link below and one of our Technical Sales Team will call you straight back.

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Suspension Devices and Tools

Our travelling lift cable suspension devices come in a wide variety of styles; to accommodate different cable widths, cable combinations and travelling height. Our Technical Sales Team are on hand to help you select the appropriate device - and relevant tools - for your installation.

- For High Rise upto 400m - For Low and Medium Rise - Installation Tools

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