Hydrologic Data Centre Rasied Floor Cooling Ventilation System from iDaC Solutions
Hydrologic Data Centre Rasied Floor Cooling Ventilation System from iDaC Solutions

HydroLogic (and HydroLogic V) Raised Floor Cooling units offer efficiency and scalability for Data Centres and Comms Rooms. They can be retro-fitted into existing DCs and don't take up valuable floor or rack space.

iDaC Solutions are proud to be the UK & Ireland exclusive source of Datwyler, high performance HydroLogic Raised Floor Cooling solutions

HydroLogic 600x600mm Raised Floor Cooling System

Data Centre Raised Floor Cooling hydrologic iDaC Solutions

Designed to fit into standard DC raised floor systems, these 600 x 600 mm water cooled units offer flexibility and space-saving. With a water supply temperature of 12°C and a discharge temperature of 18°C, heat dissipation of 10 kW per plate is achieved. HydroLogic panels can be placed front and rear of the rack for maximum heat dissipation - up to 20 kW per rack. Both, closed circuits from one rack and open circuits for multiple racks can be created.

HydroLogic V 600x1200mm Raised Floor Cooling System

Hydrologi Raised Floor cooling tile iDaC solutions DC data centre

Hydrologic V 600 x 1220mm units, consisting of two heat exchangers and four EC-fans with a free cross section of 44%, can be placed in the hot or cold aisle, pulling or pushing the air. The fans react automatically on temperature changes in server cabinets and lower or raise the volume of air in dependence of preset temperature values. Depending on the spread of the flow temperature on water and air side, up to 50 kW are possible. The panel is also available as direct evaporator version.

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