Easee EV Charger Installation on Woertz Flat Cable from iDACS iDAC Solutions
Easee EV Charger Installation on Woertz Flat Cable from iDACS iDAC Solutions

Whether you're a business owner wanting to provide Electric Vehicle charging for your tenants or staff, a hospitality operator wanting to offer this essential service to guests, or a homeowner with a new electric car, we have a solution for you.

For Landlords Our load balancing EV Charging system offers flexibility for landlords and tenants alike - as it can be scaled easily when demand increases or budgets allow. By pre-cabling parking bays upfront with our plug-and-play system, it's simple, quick (and cheaper than alternative solutions) to add more EV chargers for tenants. You just call us for an active charger unit, we bill you (or your client directly) and arrange a date to click in and set up the new charger! The smart functionality of the system also means that multiple cars can be charging on a single cable run - with each receiving a share of the available power - so no disappointed tenants with uncharged cars! If you're concerned about the cost of installing EV chargers, there will soon be Govt grants available for landlords (from April 2022), to help with the outlay. You can also monetise our system chargers, using a simple software programme, which monitors charging time, energy costs, etc, - helping to reduce pay-back time. Contact us for a free consultation or to arrange a free site survey.
"The installation took less time to complete, required less components and will give our clients greater flexibility in the future. It is also very neat and looks great! I was very happy with the service from iDACS”
For Businesses Providing EV charging facilities for your staff and visitors will become a necessity. If you're concerned about the cost of installing the system, there are already Govt Workplace grants available and super tax deductions to encourage take up. You'll also benefit from lower energy costs & maintenance costs for fleet vehicles and improve your sustainability credentials. If that's not enough, if you go for an iDACS installed system, you could also monetise your smart chargers with our payment software and offer them as public charging points when your business is closed (outside of normal office hours). You could benefit from additional revenue and put your business on the Zapmap - potentially highlighting your business to new clients as well. Our smart charging solutions will also give you the flexibility to add more charging units easily and cost-effectively, as demand increases. Plus you'll be able to manage user access and charging times, and review energy costs. If you'd like to find out more about EV charging, or to discuss which system would suit your business, please contact us for a free consultation or to arrange a free site survey.
"The overall communication and service we received was great, and I would highly recommend iDACS Solutions to anyone looking at installing EV charging at their business.”
For Hospitality EV tourism is already booming - if potential guests select 'Electric Vehicle Charging' as a filter on an online booking site, will they even know your business exists? Holiday-makers with EV's are always concerned about charge range and plan their journeys based around the location of EV charging points. How much business could you be missing out on if you don't offer this essential service? Whether that's overnight guests looking to top-up their cars charge during an overnight stay, or visitors to your restaurant or other facilities looking to top-up their charge on a long journey. Our EV charging systems not only look good, so won't detract from your building, but also offer smart features to let you monitor usage and bill for the charging service. You could add a nightly charging rate to your tariff, or on a pay-as-you-go rate for guests, the general public and even staff. Offering free charging as a perk could also be a great way to attract / retain staff or as a benefit to VIP guests e.g. club / gym members. Govt grants will soon be available for hospitably providers, towards the cost of their EV charger installation - so now is the time to contact us and book your free consultation or site survey - to get ahead of the competition for the 2022 season.
“... any hotel that doesn’t offer Electric Vehicle (EV) charging will lose business and this will be a growing trend. But for those hotels who install ahead of the rest, they’ll win new customers and generate new revenue from the sale of electricity." Boutique Hotelier
For Homeowners Having a smart EV charger for your home will not only enable you to top-up your car's charge over-night, but will allow you to schedule charging when energy tariffs are lower, control who uses the charger and for how long and prevent overloading of your domestic power supply - and potential outages. iDACS can help you find a solution to suit your property and budget. We'll also advise you on the Govt home charge grant scheme - which comes to an end 31st March 2022. If you would like to take advantage of the grant before time runs out - call us for a quote and to pre-book your installation slot.

iDaC Solutions are proud to be the UK & Ireland exclusive source of Datwyler, high performance Electric Vehicle Charging solutions

Installation & Support Services

iDACS - EV Charger installation - Easee Hypervolt Zaptec

Our team will discuss your current and future EV charging needs, advise on grant applications, and if necessary, arrange a free site survey. We'll propose a system based on your requirements and book an installation date. Our EV team will be available for technical support throughout the project - and offer advise on charger set-up and registration. We're already trusted by companies like SHELL, BMW, LIDL and ALDI, so why not get in touch.

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Easee EV Chargers

Easee EV load balancing chargers from iDACS - installation and support

iDACS offer Easee Commercial & Home EV charging systems (including the new Easee One). These load balancing charges allow multiple chargers on one circuit, are compact, intelligent and secure, and can be managed using a free app. Using the Easee Ready option, you can have passive bases and dummy covers installed, then upgrade to a full charging unit (which is simply clicked into place), when demand and budgets allow.

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Zaptec EV Chargers

Zaptec Go and Zaptec Home EV Chargers installation and support  from iDACS

The Zaptec Pro allows multiple chargers to be fitted on a single circuit and offers dynamic load balancing to ensure all vehicles on charge share available power. The Zaptec Go, is the world’s smallest 22kW (max power) home / small business charger. It can be daisy-chained to provide up to 3 chargers on one circuit, and comes in a range of heritage colours to suit your environment. Both systems can be managed via an app (and software for the Pro), which allows you to control access and schedule charging during lower tariff rates.

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Woertz Flat Cabling Solution

Woertz Flat cabling for EV Easee chargers load balancing from iDACS

iDACS offer a unique solution for landlords and businesses who are looking for a scalable EV charging system. The modular Woertz flat cabling solution (available exclusively from iDACS in the UK) can be paired with Zaptec or Easee chargers. It offers phase distribution (to make sure power is shared equally between all vehicles on charge) and avoids potential overload on a singular circuit. It can support multiple chargers and can be tapped onto easily when more EV chargers are needed - without major cost or disruption. The system is IP65 rated (so is ideal for outdoors, apartment car parks, etc).

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Hypervolt EV chargers from iDACS - installation and support

Hypervolt Electric Vehicle Chargers are the latest addition to iDACS' range of EV charging systems. The sleek design, user-friendly operation & simple installation make this new product line a great choice for home-owners and businesses alike. It comes with built in PEN fault protection, can be controlled via a free App or your smart speaker, offers ‘load balancing’ to protect your power supply and comes with a tethered charging cable and holster.

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