Network Cabinets and co-lo racks from iDaC Solutions
Network Cabinets and co-lo racks from iDaC Solutions

Through our partnership with leading cabinet manufacturers, we offer a full line of cabinets, enclosures, racks, accessories and PDU’s; for Local Area Networks, Data Centres, Industrial / harsh environments and outdoor use. When combined with Datwyler's cabling products, you can achieve a superior network infrastructure with unrivalled performance and functionality.

Data Centre Solutions

Data Centre Cube

The system can be configured to user requirements and offers versatility and scalability. In addition to 4DC server cabinets and accessories, we also supply collocation cabinets (currently available in 2 door or 4 door options). Ideal for client security and equipment management.

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InfraSolutionS Smart Card Access Control Handles

Austin Highes smart card cabinet handles access control

These simple to install smart card handles are available with MiFARE or Proximity readers. Smart cards must be programmed to each specific handle (using the free software provided). They can also be programmed for dual authentication - where two smart cards (from different engineers) have to be presented together before the door unlocks. Both options are supplied with a pair of handles (for front & rear doors), 1 smart card and 1 power adapter. Additonal packs of Smart Cards (10/pack) are available for both systems as well as a separate data input cable for connection to InfraSolutionX monitoring equipment.

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InfraSolutionX Integrated IT Access Control & Monitoring

Austin Hughes access monitoring and management

Austin Hughes' InfraSolutionX hardware is available in two options; Basic - for remote monitoring of access control (in partnership with the InfraSolutionS Smart Card Handles) or Enhanced with additional functionality for environmental and PDU monitoring & control. Contact us for a full list of applicable sensors, alarms, etc, or refer to the data sheet.

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Racks & Accessories

rack accessories network cabinet shelf

We offer a full range of network cabinets, racks, accessories, cable management solutions and power distribution units (PDUs). Please let us know your requirement and we'll be happy to help you find a product to suit your needs.

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Industrial Cabinets & Air Conditioning

industrial grade cabinets and enclosure IP67 box

IP55 and IP54 cabinets are designed and made to meet all relevant requirements for cabinets in challenging environment's (either outdoors or in industrial areas). They protect electronic equipment and cabling from dust or other contaminants and adverse ambient conditions found in manufacturing facilities. Accessories for cooling, heating and fire detection & extinguishing are also available.

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