Austin Hughes Smart Card Cabinet Handle
Austin Hughes Smart Card Cabinet Handle

We've partnered with industry leader, Austin Hughes, to offer a range of Smart Card Access Control Handles and Monitoring systems for data centre cabinets. They offer added cabinet-level security and remote management capability for comms rooms, data centres and co-location facilities. Due to their universal mounting design, the InfraSolutionS handles can either be specified during the planning phase of your project, or retro-fitted to your existing cabinets (they are designed to fit most cabinets on the market). They will operate as a stand-alone security solution, but can also be connected to Austin Hughes' InfraSolutionX Access Control & Monitoring equipment for integrated remote management.

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InfraSolutionS Smart Card Cabinet Handles

Austin Hughes Smart Card Handle

These simple to install smart card handles are available with MiFARE or Proximity readers. Smart cards must be programmed to each specific handle (using the free software provided). They can also be programmed for dual authentication - where two smart cards (from different engineers) have to be presented together before the door unlocks. Both options are supplied with a pair of handles (for front & rear doors), 1 smart card and 1 power adapter. Additonal packs of Smart Cards (10/pack) are available for both systems as well as a separate data input cable for connection to InfraSolutionX monitoring equipment.

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InfraSolutionX Integrated IT Access Control & Monitoring

Access control and monitoring

Austin Hughes' InfraSolutionX hardware is available in two options; Basic - for remote monitoring of access control (in partnership with the InfraSolutionS Smart Card Handles) or Enhanced with additional functionality for environmental and PDU monitoring & control. Data Centre Managers can set up security access levels for staff and also monitor activity for specific racks (time/ day/user). Environmental sensors can be purchased separately for temperature & humidity, smoke, shock and water; as well as door sensors, alarms, beacons, lights and PDU connections. For a full list, please refer to data sheet below.

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Key Pad Cabinet Entry


Data centre safe

The iDaCs DCS IT-Safe protects critical network equipment and business information from physical and environmental hazards. It is designed to resist threats from fire, flood, explosives, theft and vandalism. The DCS IT-Safe is ideal for SMEs and large organisations alike; who want to reduce risk and maintain network service.

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