Automotive industry data cabling
Automotive industry data cabling

iDaC Solutions offer a wide range of cabling products for automotive manufacturers and suppliers; whether you're looking for bio-oil resistant control cables for your production line or specifying a data network for your plant, our high performance systems will ensure long-term reliability, improved efficiency and increased productivity.

Our PUR & antimicrobial clean room qualified’ cables, bio-oil & microbial resistant cables, and IP rated outlets are designed to withstand the physical demands of a manufacturing environment - preventing cabling deterioration, ensuring transmission integrity and maintaining efficient operations

Screened cabling systems (for office & showroom data networks, control systems and robotics) and fibre optic cabling prevent signal corruption from EMI - decreasing error messages and improving process efficiency & productivity

Reliable, high performance cabling systems, covered by Datwyler’s 25 year system warranty, reduce maintenance costs, provide headroom for new applications and protect your long-term investment

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