SONY Project - Reducing waste on site

SONY Project - Reducing waste on site

Date: 18th March 2022
Author: Liz Farrimond

iDACS have visited site several times during the duration of the SONY cabling project in London. Mostly to deliver cabling products, but also for warranty surveys and more recently to remove used / empty wooden cable drums for recycling.

Approximately 210 drums have already been removed - with more to follow.

When making a delivery to site, we’ve picked up empty drums to take back to our warehouse for recycling.
They will be used to re-reel other cables supplied by iDACS.
This activity will help ensure the SONY project has less waste materials being put into skips and/or land fill therefore helping to reduce the carbon footprint for TCG, iDACS and the SONY project in general (being carried out by BW).

TCG and iDACS have begun to make arrangement to remove further used / empty drums during the remainder of the project.

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