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Datwyler's fibre optic cables are made with bend optimized fibre, offering enhanced micro and macrobending properties. Using these cables - installation is easier and errors due to bend radius problems (dB losses) are less likely. They also provide outstanding optical properties; and fire performance characteristics (indoor options are available for CPR Euroclasses upto B2ca)

iDaC Solutions are proud to be the UK & Ireland exclusive source of Datwyler, high performance Fibre Cables solutions

Indoor Cables

Available in single and multi mode versions and with a variety of configurations; Datwyler offer zip cord tight buffered fibres for patch lead construction, and higher fibre count cables (in loose tube and tight buffered options) for fibre to the desk or FTTH applications. Cables are now available with CPR fire performance Euroclass classification up to B2ca.

See our new Fibre Optic Indoor Cable Selector featuring Euroclasses upto B2ca

Universal (Int/Ext) Cables

Datwyler Universal fibre cables can be used both inside and outside and are ideal for larger campuses. They have a dry loose tube construction and non-metallic rodent protection for installation into ducts, trays and vertical shafts. The range includes Fire Safety cables, 'Easy Blow' products and Combination cables (with copper and fibre elements)

See our new Fibre Optic Universal (Indoor/Outdoor) Cable Selector

Outdoor Cables

Datwyler's range of outdoor fibre optic cables are ideal for a variety of external applications - including direct burial in most cases. With rodent protection, water blocking and high tensile strength characteristics, there's a cable to fit any environment; choose from our new wbKT S-Micro cables (upto 288 FO in 10.4mm OD), HighP Cables, Basic Line and Micro Cables.

See our new Fibre Optic Outdoor Cable Selector

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