Industrial Ethernet and automation cables iDaC Solutions
Industrial Ethernet and automation cables iDaC Solutions

Our range of Industrial Grade products includes IP rated connectors, outlets, enclosures and patch leads, as well as PUR cables. They are ideally suited to protect the cabling from the electrical and physical demands of an industrial / manufacturing environment.

iDaC Solutions are proud to be the UK & Ireland exclusive source of Datwyler, high performance Industrial Grade Products solutions

IP Rated Outlets & Connectivity

Datwyler's IP rated outlets, copper patch leads and connectors can be used in production facilities where liquids and contaminates are present. They protect the network access points, preventing damage to electrical contacts and maintaining network integrity / reliability. By using IP rated products, the life-span of the cabling is extended and operational costs are reduced.

- IP Rated Outlets & Connectors - IP Rated Patch Leads

Industrial Copper Data Cables

This high performance screened cable, with PUR sheath, provides protection against RFI from manufacturing equipment and physical resistance to oil and detergents. It ensures longevity of the cabling system and avoids contamination due to cable deterioration effecting a clean environment. It is suitable for internal and external areas and is fully compatible with Datwyler's range of standard and IP rated connectivity products.

- 7002 S/FTP Cat7 AWG 23 Industrial PUR

Automation Cables

Our extensive range of flexible control cables for automation and robotics includes; Drag Chain Cables, Trailing Cables, Robot Cables, Motor Servo & Feedback Cables, as well as other special cables. Every application is different, so please let us know what you're particular requirements are and we'll be happy to help you find a product to suit your needs.

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Offshore Grade Cable

This data cable is designed for the oil and gas industry; to withstand the challenging requirements of offshore and marine applications. It's a flexible, high performance Cat7 cable with an oil-resistant and abrasion-proof sheath, which can be used in the open sea, on oil and gas platforms as well as on ships. It is suitable for internal and external areas and is fully compatible with Datwyler's range of standard and IP rated connectivity products.

- 7003 S/FTP Cat7 AWG 23 Offshore Industrial Cable

Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre optic cables are non-conductive and aren't susceptible to the effects of EMI - making them ideal for use in areas where there is electrical noise generated by servos and motors. They can be used to connect buildings on a large manufacturing site (as they have low loss over long distances), or as a demarcation point between the manufacturing floor and the operations and office areas.

Universal indoor/outdoor fibre Contact us to find out more

Industrial Grade Enclosures and Cabinets

BKT's IP rated cabinets are designed and made to meet all relevant requirements for cabinets in challenging environment's (either outdoors or in industrial areas). They protect electronic equipment and cabling from dust or other contaminants and adverse ambient conditions found in manufacturing facilities. Ask about our new iDaCs IP69K and EMC protected enclosures.

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