Latest news from IDAC Solutions
Latest news from IDAC Solutions

Intelligent Building Physical Infrastructure Standards

Date: 1st October 2020   |   Author: Liz Farrimond

Intelligent Buildings don't currently have an independent evaluation system, however there are standards for the physical infrastructure that supports smart building technologies.

The OSI Model (Open Systems Interconnection Model) is a framework used to illustrate the functions and layers of a networking system. There are 7 layers to the model with ‘Physical Layer’ being number one and the foundation for the other layers above.
Smart Building devices run over the physical infrastructure - whether they’re directly connected to it or connected via wireless access points (which are also hard wired to the system).

Physical Infrastructure standards, therefore, are key to the functionality, reliability and efficiency of your smart building services.

Intelligent Building Physical Infrastructure Standards

They define general cabling architecture requirements and unique topologies for smart building systems e.g. for service and telecoms outlets (see below)
TIA ISO-IEC Outlet Coverage
Datwyler - Plan Your Smart Building Cabling Architecture

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