Latest news from IDAC Solutions
Latest news from IDAC Solutions

Back To School

Date: 28th September 2018   |   Author: Liz Farrimond

The kids have gone back to school, college or Uni – and we’re back to rush-hour traffic jams and commuter chaos. It’s quite a while since I was at school (last century in fact), when multi-media meant a chalk-board in the classroom and a TV set on a trolley with a huge top-loading VCR underneath. I think there might have been two shared PCs in a room that we called the ‘computer club’.

Multi-media has come a long way since then.
Ten years ago, my son’s had Smartboards in their infant classrooms. When they moved to Juniors, they were given tablets to use during maths classes. Now they have wireless access to the campus facilities and an unlimited resource at their finger-tips. In fact, when my son enrolled at Uni last week each student was given a wireless router for their room.
As a result, education facilities have become high-tech, AV environments with demands for instant access and secure data transfer.
Datwyler cabling solutions have been specified throughout the World by educators, as they can handle the most challenging network applications and offer the best return on investment for system longevity.
The headroom they provide, enables future migration to new applications (e.g. PoE lighting to reduce electricity usage) without the need to upgrade the infrastructure further.
So even if the students aren’t (necessarily) working to their potential, you know the infrastructure they’re using will be. 

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