Latest news from IDAC Solutions
Latest news from IDAC Solutions

New Year – New You?

Date: 3rd January 2018   |   Author: Liz Farrimond

Most of us have been back to work for approximately 24 hours and most of us have already broken our New Year's resolutions. Maybe some of you have more will-power?! Maybe some of you have resolved to be a better person ….……. eating healthier, exercising more and saying ‘yes’ to more opportunities! With the ultimate goal of having a longer and more productive life.

What if someone offered you a guarantee that you could operate at peak performance for decades to come and not require patching up or replacement parts?
Most of us would take that deal.

So, if you haven’t used Datwyler Swiss-engineered cabling already, with a 25 year System Warranty (certified for performance above the standards) …. why wouldn’t you next time?

“The product is always of the highest standard and (we) have never had cause for concern or failures”

“an excellent, reliable product with great onsite and offsite support.”

“The quality of the Datwyler product made it simple to install and test”

“the Datwyler cabling products were easy to install and gave us confidence in the solution we handed over to our client”.

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